When Should the College Process Begin?

Most of us would like to live in the fantasy that it doesn’t have to begin until you are ready to take the SAT/ACT and discuss possible colleges you may be interested in.

But let’s be real…according to our checklist, the college process should really start on the first day of high school and it should start for parents in the last year of middle school.

Benefits of Starting College Admissions Process Early

Why should one begin the process earlier rather than later?

Because parents need to educate themselves beforehand so they can guide their child with what is and isn’t important.

Unfortunately, this can’t be left all to the schools and guidance departments.

Let’s think – the GPA that is sent to colleges in the fall of senior year is made up from 9th, 10th, and 11th grade.

So having the guidance department talk to parents about the importance of your GPA in the winter of 11th grade is just TOO LATE.

The earliest you understand that your grades, attendance, course selections, high school activity and relationships with your school teachers and staff matter the better position you will be in getting into the college of your choice.

Those are the things you can control, now as early as 9th grade you should start thinking about what you want to do after you graduate.

· What are you interested in?

· What are your career goals?

· What type of degree do you want?

· What colleges might you be interested in?

· Do you want to stay local or go to school out of state?

· What courses should you take to prepare you for college?