Getting Started: Applying for College

College Application Instructions

Start Here:

Applying to college is not just filling out an application. There are several processes going on simultaneously. It is important to make sure you get everything lined up and sent in before any deadlines. Deadlines are final – there are no extensions.

Step 1 - Research

a. First, research the colleges:

a. Go onto to look into colleges. Collegeboard’s Big Future has many personalized resources available. This is a free service. You can use your SAT login information to help save colleges of interest. You can also search by major, previous test scores of students who were accepted, cost of school, size of school, etc. If this search was not helpful, continue researching using the colleges’ specific websites.

i. We have compiled a list of useful websites to refer to, as well. (See Useful Websites for College and Career Planning in your senior envelope.)

b. Remember to check the Say Yes Buffalo website to see the updated list of colleges offering Say Yes Scholarships.

a. Step 1: Go to

b. Step 2: Click on the scholarships tab and scroll to ‘Which Colleges are Eligible’. Scroll down the list and click on any for more information on those colleges.

Step 2 – Apply

a. Once you’ve researched colleges and know which ones you are interested in, it’s time to apply!

b. Try to narrow your choices down to four or five because most applications require an application fee unless you are eligible for a fee wavier

a. You can also look at applying directly through the college’s website because sometimes it is free there, too.

b. If you are not applying online and are using a paper application, for example Medaille College, please be sure to give your school counselor all the necessary pieces to the application with an addressed, stamped envelope so they can complete the application and mail it for you.

c. Compile a list of all of your extra-curricular activities (Clubs, Sports, Volunteer Work, etc.)

d. Different school applications require a different number of evaluations (recommendations) and reports!

Double Check the application deadlines for each of the colleges/universities you have added to your list because they are not all the same! Check for and complete any supplemental sections that are required by some colleges!

Submit for each college only when that college’s sections are fully completed!