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FAFSA4caster will help you understand your options for paying for college.

College Fair Calendar

Finish High School

  • Meet with your college advisor/high school counselor to make sure you are on track to graduate and meet college admission requirements.

      • Find out what options you have if you are not going to be able to meet the requirements.'

Choose A College

Get Ready for Your FAFSA

Get Your College Application Materials Together

  • Know the different application types and deadlines.

  • Decide if you want to apply for an “early action” or “early decision” at any college and check the application due dates.

  • Register for the SAT and/or the ACT.

  • Consult your college advisor/high school counselor and college websites about any other required tests.

  • Request letters of recommendation from teachers, coaches, employers, and others to include in your college applications.

  • Write a strong essay.

  • Ask teachers, family members and friends to read your college application essay draft, and give consideration to their suggestions.

  • Continue participating in and tracking your extracurricular activities.




TAP Application

Financial Aid Application

  • Complete the FAFSA as early as possible after October 1.

  • Visit to find a local FAFSA completion event and help with the FAFSA.

  • File your TAP application at the end of the FAFSA.

  • See if any of the colleges you’re applying to require any other financial aid forms, such as the CSS Profile.

College Application


Organize Your Applications




TAP Application

Complete College Applications

  • Are all your college applications submitted?

  • Any deadlines approaching?

Financial Aid

Finish Your Research

  • Look for early admissions notices from colleges, if applicable.

  • Talk to alumni and college friends to get more information about the colleges to which you applied.

January - February



TAP Application

Fill Out Scholarship Applications



TAP Award Status

AP Exams

Check Your Financial Status

  • Check your financial aid status at your college or university.

  • Check your TAP status.

  • Start looking for a summer job.



Award Letter Comparison Tool

Financial Aid

  • Look for college financial aid packages from colleges to which you are accepted. Find out what happens next.

  • If you have questions, review your financial aid packages with the colleges’ financial aid offices.

Visit Your Top Choices

  • Complete your last college visits before making your decision.

Its Decision Time!!!!

  • Decide what college you will attend, sign college letter of intent, accept or refuse the financial aid offered, and send in the required housing and tuition deposits by May 1. Use the Financial Aid Award Letter Comparison Tool to compare award letters before you accept any offer.

  • Celebrate your college decision.


Communicate Your Decision

  • Send thank you notes to all who assisted you, including college advisors/high school counselors, teachers and others who wrote recommendation letters.

  • Notify the colleges which you decided not to attend. If you have received aid packages from these colleges, notify the financial aid offices so the awards can be offered to other students.

  • Notify your high school counselor office and college financial aid office of any scholarships received.

Follow Up with Financial Aid

  • Follow up with your college about financial aid and orientation.

June - August

Tie Up Loose Ends

  • Have your final transcript sent to your college.

  • Use your summer job to save for your education.

Finalize your Financial Aid

Congratulations!!!! You're Ready for College!!!!!

  • Get ready for your first year of college!